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Our responsibility

Textron eAviation plays a leading role in Textron's corporate-wide initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of aviation on communities and meet the world's need for newer, more sustainable forms of transportation.

by a purpose

We work daily to be a catalyst for environmentally responsible aviation and set the standard for eco-conscious flight solutions. At Textron eAviation, our mission is to engineer the future of aviation by developing sustainably powered flight solutions that create cleaner skies and add value to our customers' lives.

Sustainable aviation has the power to change our world by helping people connect to their destinations fast and efficiently while reducing air pollution, noise, and traffic.


Why now

Sustainably powered flight solutions are within reach.

Textron eAviation is leveraging industry-leading product design, certification, manufacturing, and aftermarket solutions across Textron companies.

Climate change demands multilateral action by aviation manufacturers.

We are committed to advancing the aviation industry's sustainability goals, which include achieving net zero carbon by 2050.

The world needs newer and more efficient forms of transportation.

Our low-emission planes and electric aircraft not only revolutionize air travel, but also meet the economic needs of organizations seeking easier, faster means of travel.

We are the
future flight

We are on a historic journey. Every day that we come to work, we embrace the challenge of making green air mobility possible through the development of eco-friendly aircraft systems and propulsion technologies.

Textron eAviation brands are positioned to take industries into the future of aviation. Designed for safety. Engineered for efficiency. Powered by sustainable aviation technology. The future of flight is here. We're helping create it so you can experience it.